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Second Edition


Best U.S. Narrative:
Director: Steve Beta

Best International Narrative:
The Seahorse Trainer
Director: Ricardo Bonisoli, Babak Bina

Best U.S. Documentary:
A Second Chance
Director: Christopher Aumen


Best International Documentary:
Director: Kyle Jaster


Best Short Film Director:
The Seahorse Trainer
Director: Ricardo Bonisoli, Babak Bina


Best Short Film Producer:
Director: Meredith Mantik

Best Short Film Cinematographer:
The Empty Balcony
Dop: Rune Asak


Best Short Film Editor:
The Body of Levi
Editor: Freddy Cheung & Will Dziuk

Best Short Film Composer:
El Montaje (The Montage)
Composer : Juan Cruz Masotta 

Best Short Film Poster:
The Blue Pendant



Best Short Film Actor:
Starring: Jeff Bosley

Best Short Film Actress:
Amethyst Girl Destiny
Starring: Danielle Hobbs

Best Animation:
The Passerby
Director: Pieter Coudyzer

Best Horror:
The Body of Levi
Director: Freddy Cheung



Best Science Fiction:
Director: Jake Hart

Best Student Film:
Final Deathtination

Best Comedy:
A Short Horror Film
Director: Sau Dachi


Best Thriller:
The Pear
Director: Guillermo Cienfuegos



Best Web-Series-Pilot:
Director: Rich Devaney


Best Independent Short:
Director: Derick Thomas


Best Music Video:
LET IT OUT / Stay Homas
Director: Ben Woolf

The Opportunist
Director: Keeley Turner

Best First Time Filmmaker:
Director: Adam Gibson

Best Female Filmmaker:
Jayne & Elvis
Director: Thanh Ingle-Lai

Best Art photo:
Boy Scientist
Director: Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia



Best Black and white photography:
Back to me
Director: Sophie Blondy



Best Unproduced Script:
Bienvenidos a Los Angeles/Welcome to Los Angeles
Writer: Lisa Cole

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